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Get cover for any period from one to four weeks

Weekly car insurance cover is something that lots of UK motorists simply don’t know about and they tend to think about their insurance entirely in terms of the dreaded annual renewal. Unlike many other motoring costs, like fuel and toll charges, insurance is hardly ever split up into smaller and more manageable chunks. However, following the ever upward trend of the cost of fuel, for many both petrol and diesel car drivers, insuring as cost-effectively as you can has become increasing important for most motorists in the UK. For lots of types of driver there can be a lot to be said for insuring your car on a weekly basis rather than a yearly one. It can save you money as well as offering more flexibility than a conventional sort of policy.

More Than One Car

There are plenty of households in Britain that possess more than one car, and perhaps three or four. Multi-car insurance packages can often reduce the cost of cover and this is often more advisable than purchasing separate policies. Nonetheless, insuring a lone vehicle on a main policy and then adding other cars, that are frequently used less often, under a separate temporary policy can make for even better savings. For instance, if you have one car that is used all of the time, week in week out, and another which is only used occasionally, then insuring it on a weekly basis will probably work out better over time. A good example of when this might work is if you own a convertible that you only use during the summer, so long as you can park it off the public road or store it in a garage. Alternatively, you might have a motorhome that only takes to the road during weekend breaks away or on particular occasions. If so, then weekly and other types of short-term car insurance could well be for you.

How To Get The Best Deals

Many insurers who ply their trade in the weekly car insurance market are well aware that convenience is essential to the success of their business. Potential customers do not need to spend a whole day getting quotations for cover which could last as little as one week. They simply won’t spend the time and effort for weekly insurance when they might for an annual renewal. Nowadays, the bigger insurance brands have web based quotation services that will allow you to get competitively priced quotes without any hassle at all. Remember that it may well be worth adding temporary breakdown cover into your policy, if you choose go ahead with a seven day package for your vehicle, since this can often be more cost-effective than buying it annually, too.

Spread The Cost

One of the most important reasons that weekly car insurance customers report for rejecting an annual policy is the ability to spread the cost. Of course, many insurers will allow you to pay for an annual policy in monthly instalments, although generally speaking you tend to pay more over the course of the year if you choose this option. Nevertheless, weekly payment schedules tend not to be offered – something that is possible with a weekly car insurance policy. This is perfect for budgeting if you are paid on a weekly basis, or self employed. Remember that if you don’t use your car for a week, then you don’t need to insure it. This means that for occasional car drivers the cost is not just spread out, but reduced overall over the course of a year.

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